Roulette Gambling and Placing Bets

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Gambling: About Placing Bets on the Table

Roulette Gambling and Placing BetsPlacing bets on the roulette table is generally fairly straightforward, although at first glance the betting layout on the table can appear somewhat daunting.

Betting on single numbers is as simple as placing the chip directly on top of the number on the table's layout, making sure not to overlap other numbers. To bet upon two numbers, the roulette chip should be placed on the line that divides the numbers.

A number of roulette bets provide odds of evens, such as red or black, odd numbers or even numbers, and high or low sections of the board. If a larger bet is required, chips can be piled on top of each other, and also on top of other player's chips, which can result in tall piles of chips on the table.

Gambling: Rules about Placing Bets

Bets should only be placed on the roulette table once the croupier has finished paying out previous winnings and has clearly announced 'Place your bets'. When placing a 'straight up' bet in roulette, always take care to place the chip in the centre of the box, on top of the number. In the case that the chip is touching the line to one side of the number, the croupier may mistakenly think that this bet is actually a split.

Never move or touch another player's chips if they are placed in the way - casino chips are simply added on top, making a neatly stacked pile. If it is unclear where the player's chips have been placed as they are touching a line and therefore preventing a bet from being placed on the table, this should be queried directly with the croupier, who will immediately consult with the player to rectify the problem.

When there are a large number of players placing bets at the roulette table, the layout can quickly become covered in chips, obscuring the number boxes.

If at any time the player wishes to place a bet and are unsure where the number is, they simply place the roulette chip in front of them on the table and inform the croupier of their intentions. The croupier will repeat their betting instructions to show that they have clearly understood their bet, and then place the bet on the table on their behalf.


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