Roulette Odds and Probability

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Information about Winning Bets and Payout Odds

Roulette Payout Odds and ProbabilityThe roulette casino dealer / croupier always pays out winning bets in the following order:

  • Winning column
  • Winning evens and dozen
  • Winning numbered bets

If a roulette player has placed a number of winning bets, the croupier will calculate the total number of winning chips and pay these winnings together. Each player's winnings are quickly calculated by the croupier and clearly announced by colour. Roulette players can always ask to have their winnings paid in whatever payout denomination they choose, such as cash chips, although the croupier will automatically calculate how many casino chips the player needs to play the game, and may choose to add cash chips to the winning payout.

Further colour chips can be requested from the croupier at any time, either for money, or in exchange for existing cash chips in play. Once the player chooses the stop playing the game of roulette, they simply request cash chips so that these can be cashed in at the casino's banking desk.

Any payout queries should always be raised immediately and the casino inspector will endeavor the resolve the situation quickly.

Basic bets in the game of roulette are paid out as follows:

  • Straight Up - 35 to 1
  • Split - 17 to 1
  • Street - 11 to 1
  • Corner - 8 to 1
  • First Four - 8 to 1
  • First Five - 6 to 1
  • Double Street - 5 to 1
  • Quatro - 3 to 1
  • Column - 2 to 1
  • Dozen - 2 to 1
  • Even Chance Bets - evens

When the roulette ball lands on the zero position, any bets placed specifically against the zero number are calculated and paid out as normal. All other bets are removed, except for evens betting, where only half of the player's original bet is removed.

Winning bets are always left in place on the table and therefore the player should remove them if they no longer wish the bet in this position.

House Advantage

The house advantage in roulette is greatly influenced by the number of zeros present on the layout and wheel. Where there are two zeros present, the casino house advantage is calculated as 5.26%.

If the roulette layout / wheel only has one zero present, then the casino house advantage is 2.7%, making the game less profitable for the casino and more profitable for the actual player. Evens bets always have the lowest roulette casino house advantage, which is just 1.35%.


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